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Patricia Buehler, MD, MPH
CEO and Founder of Osheru

“I’ve been an eye surgeon for 30 years and have performed thousands of eye and eyelid surgeries, as well as trained and supervised surgeons in the US and overseas. One of my specialties is blepharoplasty, a surgery that removes unwanted and excess upper eyelid skin, resulting in improved peripheral vision and appearance. Patients routinely have a 25% improvement in their side vision and look younger and more revitalized. As a result of my experience and innovative insight, I have developed a novel medical device that markedly simplifies and improves this procedure. In 2021 we founded a company Osheru to develop and commercialize the iLIDlyft device.  In addition to this work, I am a co-owner and managing partner of InFocus Eyecare, a six-provider 35-employee specialty medical practice with revenues of $5M. I am a founding partner and part owner of the Bend Surgery Center, a 450-employee facility."

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Knute Buehler, MD, MA
COO and Co-Founder, Osheru

“As a practicing orthopedic surgeon with over 25 years of surgical and research expertise, I have performed about 400 joint replacement surgeries a year. Due to the limitations and inaccuracies of state-of-the-art instrumentation, I experimented with traditional knee replacement technologies, I became one of the primary inventors of computer-assisted knee replacement, and I trained thousands of surgeons domestically and internationally in these new techniques. 


I am currently the Chief Operating Officer of Osheru LLC and Emeritus Partner at the Center for Orthopedic and Neurosurgery Care & Research. During my tenure as Managing Partner of the Center for Orthopedic and Neurosurgery Care & Research I provided strategic vision and leadership to grow the practice from 8 providers to 32, the practice continues to thrive today , with over $80M in annual revenue and 44 providers. In addition to my research and surgical experience, I have also been elected for two terms in the Oregon legislature where I was on the House Healthcare committee, authoring legislation on multiple policy issues."

Deb Rogers, MSN, NP
Cheif Clinical Officer, Osheru

“I am passionate about caring for patients. Advancements in clinical innovation and new technology have improved the ability for patients to have access to care, reduced post-operative downtime and minimize complications.  As a Nurse Practitioner, and past Director of Research, I’ve had the opportunity to led numerous clinical trials.  These trials have ranged from orthopedic and neurosurgical devices to medications to minimize post-operative blood clots.  Watching these products come to market and improve our patients’ lives has been extremely rewarding.  


For the past 24 years, I was at The Center for Orthopedic and Neurosurgical Care & Research, as a clinician, Director of Research, Provider Champion for Epic and Allscripts Electronic Health Records as well as the Director of Operational Improvement.  This vast array of opportunities has provided hands-on experience within a thriving private practice as well as relationship building with the Central Oregon hospital system, Cascade SurgiCenter and associated business partner.  My passion for process improvement and project management has helped me stay focused on the end result.”

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Frederic (Ric) Tiplady M.A.
Osheru Advisory Board

Born in Ontario, Canada and a Marylhurst University grad, Ric Tiplady has worked in the ophthalmic industry for over 35 years, demonstrating a commitment to ongoing ophthalmic education through his participation in clinical programs and professional symposia. Mr. Tiplady is also the founder and president of Eye Physician Network, a web-based resource for eye physicians. Before this, he served and received an Honorable Discharge from the United States Army as a Staff Sergeant.


Ric is an active participant in multiple medical mission trips, and he has served as secretary and treasurer of the board of Directors for the Hawaiian Eye Foundation. In 2012, he was presented the Vietnam Medal of Honor for Ophthalmology for his service to Vietnam’s medical education. In addition to being an Osheru Advisory Board Member, Ric currently serves as a board member and president of the Eye Mission of the Pacific (EMP), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that serves people of the Pacific suffering from vision loss. The foundation provides dedicated volunteer eye surgeons and support staff who bring their expertise, talent and loving care to those who may have no other treatment options.

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Vernon Altman
Osheru Advisory Board

A 3-degree graduate of MIT, Vernon believes in making big things happen. Upon graduation in 1973, he was one of the founders of Bain & Company, where he remained until his retirement in 2018. At Bain, he held numerous firm and office governance and practice roles, growing the company he helped start from 8 people in 1973 to over 15,000 today. Vernon’s primary focus was Telecommunications / Technology / Media, Aerospace / Defense, Consumer Products, and designing, founding, and driving the Bain’s Full Potential Practice, assisting enterprises in transforming themselves to achieve their full potential on all dimensions, financially and competitively, including wealth creation for the enterprise, its employees, leaders, and shareholders.  Vernon has consulted on all inhabited continents in the World.


In addition to serving on the Osheru advisory board, Vernon has been a Director of publicly held Roxio, Napster, Abaxis, Orbis and Lingua Franca.  He was also founding Chairman of Emmy award-winning Vobile, the company that saved the global Movie and TV industries, by halting content piracy.


In the not-for-profit world, Vernon served on MIT’s Advisory Boards and Committees of The MIT Corporation, and the Board of the School of Viticulture and Enology at the University of California, Davis.  He also served on various not-for-profit boards in the San Francesco Bay Area.


Vernon resides on Maui and in Bend, OR

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Tom Beer, MD
Osheru Advisory Board

In addition to serving on Osheru’s Advisory Board, Tom Beer serves as Chief Medical Officer, Multi-Cancer Early Detection at Exact Sciences Corporation. Prior to joining Exact Sciences, Dr. Beer was the Grover C. Bagby Endowed Chair for Prostate Cancer Research at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, where he led the Prostate Cancer Research Program. Dr. Beer also served as Deputy Director of the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) Knight Cancer institute and the National Cancer Institute designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. He was previously the Chief Medical Officer for the Center for Early Detection Advanced Research (CEDAR), where he led clinical trials of multi-omic blood-based cancer early detection tests.


Dr. Beer continues to serve as Adjunct Professor of Medicine at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, where he treats men with prostate cancer. He has authored or co-authored more than 280 peer reviewed articles, including investigations of multi-cancer early detection as well as targeted therapies and immunotherapies in prostate cancer. Dr Beer’s research served as the basis for a global change in the standard of care for advanced prostate cancer.


Dr. Beer earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and his M.D. degree from the Johns Hopkins University and completed his post-graduate training in Internal Medicine, Hematology, and Medical Oncology at Oregon Health & Science University.  Dr. Beer and Drs. Buehler studied medicine together at Johns Hopkins and have known one another for the past 35 years.

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Rod Ray, Ph.D., M.S.
Osheru Advisory Board

Rod Ray is an executive consultant and owner of Canyon Mountain Consulting, supporting companies that need strategic planning and operational excellence. Formerly, he was CEO of Bend Research (BRI), a technology development company providing innovations for the pharmaceutical, agricultural, energy, environmental and space industries. For more than three decades, BRI had an increasing focus on drug-delivery technology development for the pharmaceutical industry; Rod played a key technical and business roles in that initiative and its ground-breaking advances.  Those achievements in the pharmaceutical arena resulted in BRI being purchased in 2014 by a large private equity company.  It ultimately became part of Lonza, a Swiss pharmaceutical technology and manufacturing company.


Upon his retirement in 2014, Rod began developing and formalizing all the leadership lessons he’d learned into a body of knowledge for use in consulting and teaching courses in practical, useful leadership. In addition to serving on Osheru’s advisory board, he now serves as a board member for various pharmaceutical and technology companies, including NovaTech, EarthCruiser, Onboard Dynamics, and Element1. He also serves on the board of several non-profit and higher-education organizations such as Mosaic Medical and Oregon State University-Cascades.


Owen Buehler 
Osheru Advisory Board

Owen Buehler is a software engineer with experience in digital marketing and healthcare technology. He currently works for Forward, which builds and operates next-generation, technology-enabled primary care clinics across 12 US states. As part of his role at Forward, he's worked on electronic medical records, billing and accounting software, and clinical process automation. He also has experience in pharmaceutical bioavailability R&D through his work at Bend Research. Previously, he worked in paid search engine marketing at Groupon where his team was awarded several patents for their innovative approaches to real-time algorithmic ad bidding.

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Brian Bowman
Osheru Advisory Board

Brian Bowman is an entrepreneur and mechanical engineer with 20 years of experience developing medical devices. In 2012, he co-founded Cor Medical Ventures, a medical device company that partners with physician inventors, start-ups and corporate partners to advance healthcare by bringing the next generation of devices to market.  As Chief Technology Officer at Cor Medical Ventures, he has been responsible for the development of over 30 implant and instrument systems across many specialties in medicine including  spine, orthopedics, neurosurgery, dental, wearables, women's health, drug delivery and wound care. 


Brian has invented and developed medical technologies that have been acquired by DePuy Synthes, Medtronic, Integra Life Sciences and Smith and Nephew. He also serves on the board of Avira Health, a company empowering mothers health through technology and Activas Orthopedics, a sports medicine company dedicated to improving patient outcomes for challenging sports injuries. 


Gary Gallagher, MD
Osheru Advisory Board

A highly sought-after plastic surgeon specializing in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Gallagher is skilled in the technical aspects of facial cosmetic surgery, patient selection and care, and practice management. Having received training with renowned facelift pioneer, John Q Owsley MD, he ran a highly successful medical/surgical practice for over 20 years in Bend, Oregon up until his retirement in 2020. Gary has also served on the Cleft Lip Team locally and has participated in multiple international medical missions.  He was a physician partner in Bend Surgery Center, LLC.

He is currently serving on the Tower Theater Foundation board of directors and the Osheru Board of Directors. When Gary is not lending his help and insightful perspective to the Central Oregon Community, you can find him rocking out with his Steely Dan cover band.

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